This 22nd episode features two Belgian guest, about being genuine.

My first of two Belgian guests is Amy Thiels, who works as a health care worker for people with autism. She will tell about the complexities of this work, but also how gets a lot of fulfillment out of helping her patients find their way through daily tasks.
Still being quite young, Amy has a broad vision on how she sees life and pleasure in doing what she does. She’s also into fit boxing which is a form of exercising and focus as well as self defense.

My second quest is Daniel Lemmens who actually is a dentist with a private practice at his home. Also he’s an enthusiastic electronic keyboard player and composer of world music. He will tell about the balance he has developed over the years of making music and how he gets his inspiration for it. He will also talk about his influences around making his patients feel as comfortable as possible when it comes to avoiding pain and fear of sitting in a dental chair for treatment.

Daniel’s broad musical and philosophical ideas on how he sees being genuine, along with Amy’s views on this episode’s theme, will leave you feeling genuine and positive.