My first guest is Ibernice MacBean who is a vocal coach and has worked for many years between Belgium and the Netherlands. She’s also as a lead and backing singer for different projects and the vocal coach for some of the popular shows on Belgium television. 

My second guest Terry Kruller von Nassau Dietz who owns a B&B in Germany but for many years has organised music events in The Netherlands basically pertaining to jazz music. Terry is a very spiritual mind  a strong believer of natural healing and living styles and is also specialised in organic and natural vitamin supplements. 

My third guest is Reinhard Horn who is a composer of over 2000 compositions and a pioneer as doing the first live surround concerts in churches with the project Spirit of My Soul base on the evolution of earth and history in a musical journey. He’s also working with the youth to help the appreciate the joy that music can bring and has international musicians participating on some of his projects. 

All three of my guests will not only share a bit about their lives with us but how big a role vitality plays with them achieving the goals of themselves and others. 


Ibernice MacBean-

Terry Kruller von Nassau Dietz-

Reinhard Horn