This episode is all about Flow and how it affects my guests lives.

My first guest is Samantha Tel, currently based in Tenerife, Spain but is originally from the Netherlands.
She is an actor, dancer and singer. She will tell us about her passions and how her travels have influenced her flow in life and that it’s a day by day mantra to stay in a positive mindset and share her experiences in her performances.

My second guest is Ivo Stuivenberg. Based in the city of Rotterdam in the Netherlands Ivo is a pianist, composer and multi-lingual singer. He has spent a lot of time traveling to different South American countries and plays different styles of music from Jazz and Latin to Gospel music.He will tell how his flow has influenced his music students and even how he cooks a home meal plus how he and his girlfriend came together and their common music and beliefs keep a smooth and happy flow.

My third guest is Petra Beckers who is originally from Germany but is now based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands with her husband Chris Beckers. Heis a dear friend and musician / technician who I worked with for many years ago. Petra is an accomplished business person with a successful career behind her. Her big passion has finally come true in the past years since finishing her photography study this year and is already making a name for herself. She will tell you about the difficult times she and her family went through, but eventually things came together. Also about how the Flow in family life has played a major role in where she is today. We will also talk about flow in Photography and life in general.

This is an episode you don’t want to miss especially when it comes to the Flow…


Samantha Tel

Ivo Stuivenberg

Petra Beckers