This episode features three stories of creative people that tell how awareness touches their lives and give advice to the younger generation on how to become more aware about their own lives.

Marieke Jansen is an elementary school teacher at the international school in Brussels and has been abroad to Asia to teach as well plus loves her other passions as well which are sing and painting.

Denise Crockett is a jack of all trades as she says doing various jobs from car assembly lines for cables and other different jobs in health care but now focusing on her mystery novel and sometimes art work . She’s also passionate about helping others and loves to travel.

Willie Junei’ Lee Jr. is a well known Guitarist, producer, composer and singer in the Midwest area of the USA. He’s also worked with some major Black American artists like ‘The Temptations’, Curtis Mayfield and even The Beach Boys in his very successful career as musician. Being one of the first musicians I worked with in my starting years of music we reminisced about those times and how things have changed over the years in the music industry as well as in our society.
It’s definitely another show you don’t want to miss and one to help you become more aware around you..