This show’s theme is about tranquility and features Christel Lommers, Danny Maddelein and Tariq Shadid.

Christel works in a hospital as kitchen coordinator and is engaged in different personal projects. Black and White Photograhy is one of them. She also started a fan page for the internationally acclaimed singer Seal and she’s working with a local radio program making the digital flyers for the shows.

Danny Maddelein is a construction manager based in Brussels, Belgium. He will tell how complex it is to get a project done and some of the details involved to create these structures that help us get around. Danny is also a bassist, playing in a local hobby band as a way to find part of his tranquility.

Tariq Shadid is a head surgeon for the medical department in a hospital in the United Emirates. He’s also known as Doc Jazz in the music world as he is a multi talented musician.
He will share his ideas and some of his experiences during the Covid period, and how he finds a balance between his work and making music. 

Definitely a show you don’t want to miss.