Learning from your youth. Experiencing each day one step at a time. Discovering new avenues and horizons. Believing in your true value in what you do. Not being afraid to fail in the process of developing. Sharing your knowledge so that others can use it to help revise the future of their lives…

My first guest is Lolo Asratian who was is originally from Burbank, California, but currently is living in Antwerp. She’s a classical dancer who started at a very young age and finished her study in her early teens, also dancing internationally.
Her family traveled back and forth between the USA and Belgium because her father is in the diamond business. She’s also a ambitious script writer /actor and loves to travel for new inspiration.
Lolo has recently done a voice-over for an upcoming popular comic strip movie.

My second guest is Patrick Drabe who’s roots are from Indonesia. Coming from a very musical family background he started as a toddler listening to his father and uncles playing music. An accomplished guitarist and producer for years in the Dutch music scene Patrick has been one of the elite session musicians and has his studio in Hilversum which is the heart of the entertainment industry in the Netherlands. Both of my guests will share their ideas about how revision has an impact on how they and see themselves in a post pandemic era that we live in today.

Links :
Lolo Asratian – https://www.facebook.com/loreanne.asratian

Patrick Drabe – www.lakesidestudio.nl