All three of my guests will tell about how they reflect on their lifestyles, family and passions.

My first guest is Harriet Wells. Her origin is from Suriname , Antilles in South America but grew up in The Netherlands and she’s a member of the famous singing R&B group Mai Thai that burst on the international scene in the mid 80s with hits including History.
She’s a passionate cook with a book coming out soon and has started a cosmetic line with her daughter who is a popular singer in the European Hip-Hop scene.

My second guest is Dr. Phillip E. Patterson who is the Department Chair of Physical Sciences Miami Dade College- Kendall Campus in Florida. Coming from Gary, Indiana he began his educational pursuits after High School at the University of West Lafayette, Indiana and got his BS degree in Technology, after working a while for General Motors.
He has a few other degrees. A passionate hobby pianist Phillip also plays for his church.

My final guest for this episode in the talented Singer and Songwriter Sabien Tielemans ( AKA-Sabine Tiels ). Sabine is from the Limburg area of Belgium and comes from musical background on her mom’s side. Her husband is an accomplished jazz pianist and her is beginning to follow in his family’s footsteps now playing drums and piano.
She’s won quite a few awards as song composer and recently did a Carol King tribute show. She and her family are big Disney fans and go almost every year to Disney World or the other parks in California and Paris.