Welcome to this episode with our theme Worthwhile.

My first guest is Sabine Van Campenhout who has started her very first job working for the Belgium police and is still there doing administrative work for special cases. She loves the little things in life like enjoying cooking and listening to music. Her best friend is her shepherddog called Rocky. He’s a photo celebrity for her Facebook friends!

Bryce Thomas is my second guest. He has been a news reporter, photographer and journalist since graduating from West Side High School. Now living in Atlanta, Georgia he does a lot for his church community.

My last guest is Sheila Messchaert. Sheila did some management for several artists. She also plans as well as organizes ‘all in one’ events with food, music and entertainment. She will talk about how it is to be a mother of two young kids and how worthwhile her family life is for her.

This will be a nice and worthwhile show to gain some positivity and inspiration.