This week’s episode is all about being joyful and my three guests will tell us how that makes a difference in their lives.

My first guest is Sandra Bakker, a Medical Hypnotist and therapist. She also is a dietitian and enjoys her horse and dog but also the friends and family in her life. Positivity is what she is all about, so it’s an interesting interview to listen to, imho.

My second guest is Sandor Streef who is into construction and commutes between his homes in the Netherlands and Belgium. A former conservatory student in Hilversum studying bass guitar, it still is his biggest passion beside his girlfriend and their dog. A joyful friend to know and he will enlighten you to how to keep going for your dreams.

My last guest in Michelle Dapena from Panama. She’s is an online entrepreneur and model. She will tell us how she traveled and created a life for herself in Europe after actually wanting to go to the military at one point in her life. Michelle Dapena
Now she has a son studying at an international school in Belgium, learning four languages.
He’s definitely her joy! Michelle is a true spokes woman for positivity and joyful living.

All my guests will leave you with a Joyful feeling.