Growth is the theme for this show and all three of my guests will explain the meaning of it in their work and private lives.

My first guest is Anke Sunaert, originally from Belgium but moved to Amsterdam for her work for a Biotech company and fell in love with the city and calls it her home. She’s also been a world traveler and will tell a bit about that as well as how communication is a big role in her job.

My second guest is Carlo De Wijs who a organist and has been a pioneer in modernizing the instrument over the years from pop, jazz and experimental music. He will also talk about his last preparations for his PHD which is based around the organ and it’s influence on history.

My third guest is Anita Ramroochsingh who’s roots are Indian but was actually born in The Netherlands. As a little girl she ran away from home after a difficult childhood and now as a mother of two sons she works for the city government of Amsterdam. She’s also a selfmade musician and loves to play guitar. She will tell how the music of Prince was an inspirational growth in her life.

All three guests have unique stories to share with you this week.