This weeks guests will share what compassion means to them and how it is a guideline to their lifestyles.

My first guest is Aristakes Jessayan who was born in Armenia and but immigrated with his family to the Netherlands as a little boy. He is an ex-Green Baret, after which he had a successful career as a singer, songwriter and composer. He also owned a travel agency and is director of ‘House of Events’.

My second guest is Nephtalie Joseph originally from Haiti but grew up in Sint Maarten.

She is a young vibrant business student and has a YouTube channel based on a healthy lifestyle. She’s currently doing the promotion for EMG which is an oil and plastics company and will tell a bit about how they are developing plastic in a eco friendly and biodegradable way to help the environment.

My third guest and final guest for this week is Sven Armstrong aka Unstoppable Knight.

Coming from English and Dutch roots, Sven is a Hip-Hop performing artist and wants to bring Rap in an a compassionate and educational way. He focuses on a clean non-profanity style without degrading race or gender. Sven uses it as a tool, to communicate with the younger generation about compassion and positivity, which is a priority in his vision.


Aristakes Jeesayan

Nephtalie Joseph

Sven Armstrong aka. Unstoppable Knight