My guests for this week are going to share their ideas in how healing has played a role and still does in their lives.

Malou Soetaerts is part model who also is helping to teach young aspiring girls to follow their dreams. She’s also a mom and grandmother and found a healthy lifestyle in the food she eats, especially after suffering from some heart issues at the beginning of the year.

Jan Van Der Putten is the Secretary General Manager of the EFCA ( European Engineering Consultancy ).
A real family man he believes in a stronger European Union despite BREXIT and sees a good and positive balance coming out in the future. He also believes that healing nations will help heal the world if we follow the rules and regulations properly and the COVID-19 Pandemic or any other ones we may encounter in the future.

Desray (Desiree Manders) is a singer and had worldwide success and hitsongs with the dance music group 2 Brothers on the fourth floor. She will tell us how her career developed, but had a dark shadow over it because of stress and cancer. But it also changed her mindset and lifestyle to a positive turn of events.

I will also read a short excerpt from the book “How I cured my cancer in 6 weeks” written by Lynn Marie and available also as ebook. It will be a broad show with lessons in life based on positive energy.


Lynn Marie –
Excerpt read is from “How I Cured Cancer In 6 Days Using Naturopathy and Holistic Treatments“ by Lynn Marie