This week’s theme is based on the meaning of Calm to my quests.

My first quest is Nikki Emmen who is originally coming from the Netherlands as a dancer She settled in Hollywood, California to further her career as an actor after experiencing a trip to the States with her then boyfriend who is Alides Hidding from the Time Bandits. She has been in shows like Melrose Place and Beverly Hills 90210.

My second quest is Mark Milan. His roots are from Suriname and growing up Mark was into Basketball and Martial Arts. He eventually became interested in playing organ and keyboards as a jazz musician and studied at the conservatory in Hilversum, the Netherlands. Mark is also an entrepreneur of natural health products and lifestyle coaching.

My third quest is Shirley Thomas, and ex US Air Force Veteran , former legal assistant and ex Go Go Dancer back in the day. She’s always been attached to Jazz music, growing up whikle listening to her dad’s records and dancing. Now she’s retired and enjoying a relaxed lifestyle and working as a coordinator for JFSM ( Jazz, Funk, Soul Music ) internet radio station based in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

My three guests spoke about their life and what Calm means to them as well as how they go about to include it in their day lives.