This episode is about Enthusiasm and my guests will explain what it means to them.

Jeroen Breider is an ex-public relations manager for Pearl Drums and now an entrepreneur for different natural health products. He’s all about positive solutions and very helpful to many folks. He’s also into traveling to discover new possibilities.

Joanna Pilatowicz is a multi talented self made woman with a lot of life’s experiences behind her. She’s a dancer, singer, actor, and podcast host for her own shows, done in Polish and English. She also reads Tarot cards and has written a few books as part of a series called the Oracle.

Bill Thompson is a long time school friend who has made a name for himself in the restaurant industry as and now owns a chain of Burger King restaurants franchises in Florida. His wife also has started her own business, which he will also talk about. They both do a lot of community service and for church.

All three of my guests will share how their enthusiasm and positive experiences made them to become happy and successful in each field.