This show’s quests will tell about their lives and the relevance rhythm plays in how they live from day to day.

Olga Stuzhinskaye is from Russian background and has been living in the Brussels area for some years but has also done some traveling to other countries. She has her own business and is doing a lot to help educating youth. Also a hobby painter she’ll let us in her rhythmic pattern. 

Gregory Washington is a childhood friend that went to high school with me in Gary, Indiana. He’s always – and still is – a family business man with a hard but smart working mindset. He has together with his brother a delivery service in conjuring with Amazon in the Chicago area. For him it’s about the rhythm of family and freedom of being your own boss.

Cris Romento is mix American with Hawaii and Mexico roots from her parents. In our quite long interview we talk about her mixed culture and her training period. She has a new short film being released this month and will tell about her rhythmic meaning in her life. 

This will be a special and above all al rhythmic show for all to tune in and listen!


Olga Stuzhinskaye-


Gregory Washington-


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