This week’s show has 3 guests sharing their stories and what’s beneficial for them in everyday life.

My first guest is Bruno Decock who is a light technician and has been working with different popular Belgium bands on tour. He also tells how he became a freelance caterer for bands recording in studios.

My second guest is Barbara Corthals. She’ll tell about her career as documentary researcher and audio visual master and share how it has influenced her life and how now being an account manager brings her in contact with people.

My third guest is Robert E. Davis III. ,a long time friend that I have known for 60 years. This is our first conversation since 1974 when we both graduated from High Schools in Gary, Indiana. He’s been a Construction technician and manager in Atlanta, Georgia and considers that home for him and his family
. We will also reminisce about Gary when it was still a booming city as compared to today and of the most dangerous towns in the USA.

All my guests will share their idea of what’s beneficial for them and give their inspirational thoughts to my listeners.